Life Stories

(Illustrated Sonnets)

Story Teller Gus Kopriva


"This work would not have bared fruit without the outstanding efforts of the visual artists that participated in the project.  The editing by Elisa Rochford provided timely and valuable suggestions to enhance the texts.  Layout and design activities by Juan A. Castillo, with assistance by Stephanie L. Darling, resulted in a beautiful piece of book art.  Randall Mosman consulted on the intricate nuances of book publishing.  All rights to the art belong to the artists.  Lastly, I pay tribute to all of our species who bravely travel through the maze-like adventures of what we call daily life."


Gus Kopriva

Houston, TX

August 2017


Illustrated Sonnets



The book is available for purchase at Redbud Gallery ($25).

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