Blue Norther

January 29 - March 26, 2022

Opening Reception:

Saturday, January 29, 6pm-9pm

Site Gallery
The Silos at Sawyer Yards
1502 Sawyer Street
Houston, TX 77007
Open on Saturdays, 12pm to 5pm

Early last month, University of Houston Master’s candidate Michelle Matthews presented Redbud Gallery with an opportunity.

An exhibition of University of Houston artists had been postponed; thus, opening a fantastic space to display art. The Silos at Sawyer Yards in Houston is a bastille like space located just Northwest of downtown Houston. The 30 circular rooms constructed of concrete are raw, dark, and cold. The space is a reminder of the tragedy that befell Texas last February after a deep freeze disabled our ill designed power grid that resulted in many fatalities and billions in property damage.

The opportunity to present art installations in the Silos enabled us to sponsor and organize the exhibition "Blue Norther". It is an invitational multimedia show, consisting of living artists from Texas and Louisiana. Well known jurors are Texas born, New York painter John Alexander and Mississippi born Bradley Sumrall, longtime Collection Curator of the Ogden Museum of Art in New Orleans. The jurors have chosen the artists based on reputation and known talent in lieu of the actual work. The participating artists have had little lead time to prepare, and we are thrilled to reveal the results. There has been no public funding for this project. This may be the coldest show on record due to the complete lack of heating systems.

We invite you to view the talents of the artists and enjoy the exhibition. Welcome to Houston, the capital of the third coast. Be certain to dress warmly!