January - East Gallery
Bob Schneider
"The Life We Live Here"
February - East Gallery
Steven Sachs
"Packs and Flocks"
March - East Gallery
Chris Silkwood
"The World Around Me"
March - West Gallery
Daniel & Marjory Johnston
“Drawings To Listen To And Songs To Look At”
April - East Gallery
Anna Mavromatis
"Handmade Tales"
April-May - West Gallery
Derek Boshier
“Paintings, Drawings & Film
Selected Works 2004 - 2019”
May - East Gallery
Joe Ely
“Carbon, Ink and Asphalt”
June-Aug - East Gallery
Female Surrealists
June-Aug - West Gallery
September - East Gallery
Bob Mosier
"Actual Depth"
Sept-Oct - West Gallery
Robert Dampier
"As Within, So Without"
October - East Gallery
Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak
"You Don't Say!"
November - East Gallery
Gretchen Van Atta Loro
"The Language of the Spirit is Dance!"
December - East Gallery
Sam Hurt
"License to Dream"
December - West Gallery
Alfredo Romero
"Vestiges of Our Time"
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