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A fine art space located in the historic Houston Heights neighborhood.

Bare Wood Wall
Come and explore our Bare Wood Wall and be introduced to local, national, and international artists for $900 and under. We present a wide variety of original works. Check some of them out in our virtual gallery below.

Artists include: James Whistler, Claude Monet, Leon Golub, Otto Modersohn, Francisco Goya, Erich Heckel, Sue Coe,Salvador Dali, Larry Rivers, , Pablo Picasso, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Ron Hoover, Felicien Rops, Terrell James, Robert Graham, John Altoon, Dorothea Tanning, George Segal, Jasper Johns, Alfred Kubin, George Rodrigue, James Magee, Kelly Alison, Lynet McDonald, and others.


James Magee "The Hill"

The Hill is but a small utterance made by one man living at a particular moment in a particular place. Given the fragility of our every word and the silence that will envelop us all, I would only hope that the Hill, as I have envisioned its existence and use, would continue to be of some service or consolation to my family, my friends, and my community for at least a short while after my passing. 

- James Magee

Magee, James
The Hill
2021 Watercolor
22 x 30 inches

All proceeds will go to the Cornudas Mountain Foundation toward the completion of the project.


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